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Created on 2009-07-11 14:07:28 (#421313), last updated 2009-07-11 (431 weeks ago)

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Name:Torchwood Reset Ficathon
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Community description:Torchwood 'Fix It' Ficathon

Torchwood Reset

Mirror site for LJ community

In the three series of Torchwood there have been so many things, that so many of us would love to have seen handled differently, or just plain didn't want to happen. Maybe it was an episode or a scene that didn't play out as we thought. Or a scene that we didn't get to see. Or something happened to a character we didn’t agree with. Whatever it is, that's what fandom and fanfic is for, to make those changes happen.

This ficathon is to give us the chance to make those changes. If you write or do art and graphics, or even if you just lurk or read, we want you to participate. If you simply read and feedback authors then help us with prompts. If you write or do graphics and art, maybe you can pick up a prompt or two to work on.

So in the next few months I'd like to us all to spend some time suggesting prompts and writing fic and doing art and graphics to help us all deal with the things we want changed. You can follow the links below for exact dates and rules and how to participate. The general idea is that for a few weeks we'll take your suggestions for prompts. Then We'll have a week or so to claim prompts, and a couple months to get them all written/drawn/created and posted.

The point is we can all sit here and be angry and hurt by what canon has given us or we can use the talents we have to make us all feel better and to change it to what we want it to be while we wait to see if there will be a new series, and if there is if TPTB can fix it and give us back some of what was lost.

All links below may contain spoilers for any episode of Torchwood including all five Children of Earth episodes

Ficathon Description, Rules, and Dates


If anyone is interested in helping to mod this community, PM [personal profile] shannon730.
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